•   Admission and Import of New / Used Vehicles  
•   Temporary Admission of Vehicles
•   Procedures regarding the Customs Presentation of Vehicles (DAV's)
•   Taxes Payment Procedures (ISV / IVA)  
•   Plates
•   Initial Registrations
•   Transfer of Ownership 
•   Transformations
•   Special Vehicles, namely for Disabled People, Institutions, Fire Vehicles, Ambulances, Taxis, etc.
•   Alteration of Characteristics 
•   Dispatch and Export of Vehicles
•   Cancellation of Plates
•   ISV Reimbursement
We have a Clearance Guarantee that we may place at disposal, in order to guarantee the Vehicle Tax (ISV). 
Being electronically connected trough SFA (Fiscal Automotive System) to AT - Autoridade Tributária e Aduaneira (General Board of Customs) and to other official entities, namely IMT - Instituto de Mobilidade e Transportes (Institute of Mobility and of Transport) and Conservatórias de Registo Automóvel (Vehicles Registration Offices), allows us to speed up the legalization process.